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Backyard Patio and Garden

About Our Landscaping Services

We are accomplished in all aspects of landscape design, installation, and maintenance. We are happy to take on any project – large or small. We specialize in providing services that are customized to your particular needs and budget.

What makes us different?

  • We pay vigilant attention when choosing plant and landscape materials. The best design will never be what it ought to be if inferior products are used in the installation.
  • We make sure that your site conditions are conducive to plant success by doing soil testing and adding nutrients as need.
  • Our customers are impressed that we do not use heavy equipment. We offer services done by hand so that our work does not create any harm to your garden and trees.
  • We are careful to use non-invasive and-deer resistant plants in our designs, and we are constantly looking for new plants that will thrive in our changing climate conditions.
  • We keep every job neat and orderly and remain in constant contact with our customers throughout the project because your satisfaction is the most important piece of the project.

Contact Greenspace, Inc. in Alexandria, Virginia, for exceptional landscaping services of all kinds.